Meet Stephanie

Trauma Recovery Coach, Collaborator, and Affair Recovery Strategist.

I love helping people, building something together, and figuring out the puzzle that makes healing and recovery a universal need for those who’ve experienced relationship trauma. 

Welcome! I am the founder of Wildfire Retreats, born from the idea of regrowth and healing after being devastated by an affair during my marriage. Just as a forest fire generates regrowth of the forest floor from nutrients of past plants and trees, so does the human body and brain with the right nurturing after trauma has occurred.

With over 20 years in the corporate world in progressive leadership roles working for both privately held and Fortune 500 companies, a mother and stepmom, an outdoor adventurer, a traveler, an immigrant daughter, a PSVT survivor, a wife and partner for nearly 10 years, AND a woman recovering from an affair that broke apart my world, I know what you are coping with. I’ve been down that dark path that led me to seek out as many possible ‘solutions’ that ultimately lead me to develop my own program for healing and rebuilding my life that resulted in increased focus, better relationships, and holistic recovery that continues to this day across all aspects of my life.

Stephanie, founder of Wildfire Retreats
And as for so many of us, it’s not the only trauma I’ve experienced: health scares, pivotal changes in living situations, and intergenerational trauma have all contributed to Wildfire Retreats being the brainchild of many years of a life lived.

Combining my personal and professional experience, including an MBA in leadership and most recently enrolling in the Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching program through the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching (IAOTRC), allows me to provide a unique perspective and an exciting and rejuvenating experience for my clients when hope feels so far away. I am here to help you as your guide every step of the way in a confidential and safe environment. I will help you discover your inner strength to choose the life you deserve to have.

Why Wildfire Retreats?

Whether you or someone you know has faced relationship trauma – regardless of marital status, gender, race, religion, YOU deserve better and you deserve a break. In addition, you also deserve the experience of someone who’s been there to guide you. 

If you’ve been devastated by cheating, an affair, infidelity, betrayal of friends…. I promise you it’s not hopeless. The anger, grief and sadness don’t have to consume you. Whether you choose to remain in the relationship or not, life can resume for the better.

You are valued, you are loved, and you are not your trauma. Finding a new thought process through self awareness is what makes us human and allows us to rebuild. You will find all of that here through our guided retreats that include sessions from expert psychologists and relationship gurus, self-care activities that tap into creative methods for reflection and peace, and through one-on-one support with me: your Affair Strategist and Trauma Recovery Coach (In-Training). 

Wildfire Retreats

It’s Your Turn to Recover

I can help you rebuild and recover from relationship trauma:

  • Enroll in one of our retreats to create your own healing journey.
  • Accelerate and support your recovery with someone who’s been there and attend individual coaching sessions with yours truly.
  • Opt in for both a retreat and 1×1 coaching sessions.

Recovery can mean many different things to different people, and when you work with me, you will lead the path towards your own inner recovery by making the best choices for your individual situation with me by your side using science-backed techniques to heal mind, body, and soul.

Let’s do this together!  See you soon!

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