Welcome to my coaching practice and Wildfire Retreats. It is an honor to be part of your healing journey. I want to take this time to outline my coaching process, disclosures,expectations and business policies.

My Coaching Process

When we work together on your personal recovery journey, it is important that you know that I don’t think anything is wrong with or broken about you. As a survivor of trauma I believe you are having a normal reaction to an abnormal circumstance. When you visit my site as a survivor of betrayal trauma in particular, you may have feelings of loss and grief, fear, anxiety, deep sadness, and physical side-effects from breaches in confidentiality, trust and love.

I believe that you have within you the knowledge you need about how to move forward from your trauma and build the life you love and want to live. I know that you may not believe that yourself right now. I will help you to find that information inside of you. I won’t tell you what to do or how to proceed on your journey because I believe you will know how to move forward with the right support. Also, what might have been right for me might not be right for you. And I don’t want to lead you astray in any way. Rather, I want to empower you to follow your true path.

My role in your journey is to be a source of knowledge, encouragement, validation, and, especially support when you feel overwhelmed and/or lost. Our relationship is one of peers. I’m not an authority figure and will not treat you as someone who has less power than I do.


Coaching may result in changes in your relationships as well as healthy changes in the types of relationships you form. Zoom is not HIPPA compliant and, therefore I cannot guarantee, with 100% certainty, that information shared through Zoom will be safe from a data breach. However, I do keep all client records secured in ways that anyone other than myself does not have access to them. Anything that you say to me, my notes or any paperwork provided by you or your physician, mental health professional or legal representative (current or past) will be kept confidential. The only time I will break that confidentiality is if I feel you are in danger of harming yourself or another person, if you report abuse to someone (see the next paragraph about my being a Mandatory Reporter) or if I receive a legal subpoena to release your records. As a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach™, I act as a Mandatory Reporter, as outlined by The International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching. This means that if I become aware that a minor, disabled person or elderly person is currently being abused I am mandated to report the abuse to the appropriate governing agency.

As a coach, I have limitations on the things we can work through in your recovery. There are some situations I do not have the expertise to help you with. If you are in a place where there are risks to your safety – you are suicidal, significantly self-harming, in the midst of an active addiction – the Association mandates that I help you find someone who is competent to deal with that particular issue. You do not have to stop seeing me, but we must bring in another professional who has the expertise with whatever safety issue is at hand to help you with those issues. This is called our Escalated Care Protocol. I can provide you with additional details if you have questions about this process.


You can expect me:

  • to be on time for appointments and during our sessions to be 100% focused on our time together
  • to be knowledgeable about trauma and up to date on the latest research about trauma
  • to be your peer and guide throughout our time together. I know trauma, but you know yourself. I will honor that you can guide your recovery. I will bring tools and strategies to our work so that you feel confident knowing you are “on the right path”
  • to provide a safe place where you will receive no judgment from me

My expectations of you:

  • Please come to sessions willing to work on your recovery journey
  • Please dedicate your focus during our coaching time on our work for the entirety of our session
  • Please let me know if you feel triggered during a session
  • Please let me know if there is something you need from me for our work together and to help you meet your recovery goals
  • Please be as open and honest with me. This will enable our work to be as beneficial as possible.


Payment is expected prior to each session. Any appointment(s) will need to be paid for at the time of booking. I use Stripe as my payment processor which allows you to pay via your preferred method of payment. I do not accept cash.

Some packages are spaced out over several months to allow for ease of payment, breaking from a package at any time during the duration of the package, will result in cancellation of the current package’s remaining sessions and balance remaining.

Crisis Response

If you find yourself in crisis due to safety issues such as suicidal ideation, significant self-harming or violence within a relationship you may reach me via email at stephanie@wildfireretreats.com. Please note that I reside in the United States in the Central Standard Time Zone, which means I’m 2 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time and one hour behind Eastern Standard Time. I am not available to respond after 8pm CST or before 8am CST every weekday.

If you are in crisis outside of those hours please reach out to your physician or health insurance crisis hotline. You may also reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline available by dialing 988, founded through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Communication Outside of Sessions

You may email me outside of session whenever you like and as often as you like. I regret that I am not able to respond to every email you may send. But I promise that I will read all of them before our next session.

Appointment Cancellation

I ask that you please cancel a Coaching or Supervision session at least 24 hours prior to that session’s start time. If you do not do so, or if you fail to show up to our appointment without any prior notice I will require payment for that session. I have set aside this time for you and if you do not cancel ahead of time I am unable to fill it with someone else. If you repeatedly fail to cancel our sessions in a timely manner this may result in my terminating our coaching or supervisory relationship.

Alcohol and Drugs

Please do not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during our coaching or supervisory sessions. It is difficult, if not impossible, to have a session worth the devotion of either of our time when you are under the influence. If you are struggling with any substance abuse issues I welcome you to let me know so we can talk about it and work to get you any help that you might need. If you do attend a coaching session under the influence of drugs or alcohol I reserve the right to end the session and you will not be refunded. If you repeatedly come to a session under the influence but do not tell me, or fail to acknowledge that you are impaired if I ask you whether you are, this may result in my ending our coaching or supervisory relationship.

Bringing a Third Person Into Sessions

Please do not bring anyone to a coaching session (spouse, parent, friend) without first discussing it with me. We need to discuss your confidentiality and goals before a third party is brought into a coaching session.

Cell Phone Usage

Please turn your cell phone off or leave it in another room during coaching sessions, unless you are using your phone to hold the session (such as on Facetime or Facebook Messenger).

Grievance Procedure

I am required to let you know that I am a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach™ credentialed by The International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching. As a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach™ I am bound to uphold the Association’s Code of Ethics. If at any time you feel I have failed to abide by the Association’s Code of Ethics or wronged you in another way you are welcome to contact Dr. Judith “Jai” Belton, CTRC-S (JaiBelton@IAOTRC.com) who is the Chairperson of our Professional Standards Committee. She can send you a grievance form to complete and submit, as well as let you know the process that will take place after she receives your grievance. All reports and grievance actions are held confidential by the Professional Standards Committee.

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