Come join one of our upcoming retreats in a warm and inviting space. We offer single and multi-day events in peaceful settings across Wisconsin and the United States.

Through unique partnerships, we strive to provide an experience that is a haven for relational trauma and relationship betrayal recovery.

Inquiries for men’s retreats or additional questions, please contact us.

Relationship Betrayal Recovery



Women Recovering from Relationship Betrayal

Glimmer + Glamping

JUNE 28-30, 2024

Transform Your Healing Journey

Holiday Self-Care

OCTOBER 17-20, 2024

Transform Your Healing Journey

I feel I learned a lot that I can use in the future to help heal and better myself. There was so much knowledge and personal growth information that allowed me to get out of my head for a day. This retreat exceeded my expectations. It was 10 out of 10. 

~ Anonymous, Greater Milwaukee, WI

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