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Whether you have recently been affected by an affair or betrayal, or you have been coping with the effects for years, it’s time to commit to yourself the emotional and physical healing, the freedom to make the right decisions for you, and the rebuilding of a wonderful life you deserve.

Our goal is to provide easy-to-use solutions to help you heal physically and emotionally while meeting with expert resources as you recover.

About Our Founder – Meet Stephanie

Trauma Recovery Coach, Collaborator, and Affair Recovery Strategist

Welcome! I am the founder of Wildfire Retreats, born from the idea of regrowth and healing after being devastated by an affair during my marriage. Just as a forest fire generates regrowth of the forest floor from nutrients of past plants and trees, so does the human body and brain with the right nurturing after trauma has occurred.

I am here to help you as your guide every step of the way in a confidential and safe environment. Browse our coaching programs and retreats.

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Wildfire Retreats Founder

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Wildfire Retreats


I work with each client in a private and soothing session online. Share as much or as little you are comfortable with as we explore a path forward that leads to your individual healing.

Recovery can mean many different things to different people, and when you work with me, you will lead the path towards your own inner recovery by making the best choices for your individual situation with me by your side using science-backed techniques to heal mind, body, and soul.

Wildfire Retreats


We offer women-only retreats (for now). Our retreats provide a safe and relaxing environment to encourage peace of mind, rejuvenation of body and soul, and a place to explore healing options whether you are recovering from an affair or rebuilding your relationship.

We understand this is an emotional and difficult time, your enjoyment and safety is of paramount.

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Download 10 Reads for Self-Healing: Journals & Relational Books.

Receive special offers on our services and start your recovery now.