Wildfire Wellness Retreat – Heal

A Retreat for Women Recovering from Relationship Betrayal

Hosted By: Stephanie Geiger, Certified Trauma Recovery Coach (CTRC) in partnership with Blue Lotus Center



* final dates TBD

Blue Lotus Center, West Bend, WI

Early Bird Price: $149
(Full Price: $225)

Relationship Betrayal Recovery

Join us for a one-day retreat with incredible healing practitioners, a guided recovery roadmap, and self-reflection. Spend a full day with Wildfire Retreats, in partnership with the Blue Lotus Center in a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. We focus on healing through 4 pillars: nature exposure, somatic techniques (breathing practices and yoga), Certified Trauma Recovery Coaching modalities, and creative therapies (journaling, artwork, or writing).

Imagine having the tools you need to build self-compassion, increase resilience and understand the brain-body-trauma recovery connection: we meet you where you are in a peer-to-peer, non-judging community.

This women’s-only retreat creates a pathway for surviving, coping with and healing from relationship betrayal. This retreat will help you safely navigate the emotional, mental, and familial aspects of managing current life. Let us lift the weight and uplift your spirit. Leave with even more confidence that you are a valued, strong, and beautiful person.

Limited space – max capacity 25 people.


  • 50 minute pre- and post-retreat Coaching Sessions
  • Yoga for Somatic Healing
  • Brain-Body Trauma Recovery Connection Workshop
  • Hiking the Grounds
  • Lunch
  • Self-Compassion Workshop
  • Journaling Workshop with Self -Reconnection Exercise – Signed Copy of Journal from Author Meera Patel: Start Where You Are
  • Unscheduled time
  • Sound Bath
  • Take-home: Healing Packet PDF Workbook
  • Take-home: Gift Basket for Self-Care

This retreat was beyond my expectations. Loved the yoga, walks in nature, and the workshop along with the journaling sessions. The overview of trauma on the body was the aspect I liked the most. The staff also made it special. And the gift bag was incredible! 

~ Mary, West Bend, WI


Stephanie Geiger of Wildfire Retreats
Founder & Certified Trauma Recovery Coach

Samantha Drum of Vibe Yoga and Fitness
Registered Yoga Instructor

Laurel Ziemienski of Ananda Healing Arts
Sound Bath and Reiki Practitioner


Increased self-compassion and awareness of the body-brain trauma connection

Peace and quiet for the mind and body


Healthy nourishment that is prepared for you

Empathetic practitioners leave you feeling rejuvenated and cared for

Tools to take with you to support your healing journey



* Provide a summary of the day’s activities with your safety, privacy and comfort in mind.
* Kick-off the day with Intros and Grounding.
* Host Welcome – Present Journal and set intention(s).
* Location: Pavillion

Session 1: Yoga & Smoothie/Cold-Pressed Juice

* Take an hour to physically nourish your body.

* Somatic healing for recovery.

* Led by Vibe Yoga and Fitness, Samantha Drum

* Location: Front Lawn or Deck

Session 2: Brain-Body-Trauma Connection

* Discover how betrayal impacts our mind/body connection and how to increase positivity.

* Led by Stephanie Geiger

* Location: Pavillion

Lunch + Hydration

* Catered lunch and drink

* Enjoy the grounds

* Grun Hexe, West Bend

* Location: Outside Picnic Space

Session 3: Self-Reflection Workshop

* Journaling exercise for self-reflection meeting you where you are in your healing journey.

* Led by Stephanie Geiger

* Location: Pavillion

Unscheduled Time

* Explore the Trails

* Led by You

* Location: Trails – see map

Session 4: Starting With You, Processing Betrayal

* Develop your self-compassion through curiosity and a promise to yourself.

* Led by Stephanie Geiger

* Location: Space TBD

Sound Bath

* Sound Healing Therapy -bringing you back into harmony.

* Led by Laurel Ziemanski

* Location: Pavillion

Closing Ceremony

* Khailaz Healing Ritual for emotional balancing. Using essential oils.

* Led by Stephanie Geiger

* Location: Campfire Lawn


  • Yoga Mat
  • Water Bottle
  • Comfortable Clothing


  • Signed Journal by author Meera Patel
  • Packet for Healing (Printed)
  • Gift-Basket


  • Self-Care
  • Familial support network
  • Balance of work and trauma recovery
  • Divorce and other betrayal outcomes
  • Living in a new marriage, new relationship, rekindling a broken one or alone
  • Caring for others while healing


A post-wellness retreat Coaching Session is included in the package, please use our website to schedule your session with Stephanie.

The toolkit you develop during your workshop session can be used for a lifetime to help you incorporate compassionate and somatic healing practices.

Relationship Betrayal Recovery

I gained insights on myself during the sound bath and while in nature.

~ Emma, Brookfield, WI

Frequently Asked Questions

What is relationship betrayal trauma?

Relationship betrayal is a violation of trust by someone close to you, this can be with a partner, a friend or family member. There are many types of relationship betrayal, but this retreat focuses on personal betrayals (as opposed to institutional). It can include financial betrayal, emotional affairs, or chronic secrets, among others. These forms of betrayal can happen with a partner, parents, friend or peer.

Trauma is defined as the way in which our bodies and minds react to an event that is traumatic, in whatever way a person defines that event. Trauma unlike stress manifests itself in our nervous system for much longer periods of time, through interactions with others, our behaviors and our emotions.

What if I don’t feel comfortable sharing my story?

Any information you provide before, during or after this retreat is confidential. You can share as little or as much as you’d like. Your safety, privacy and comfort are of the utmost importance.

What if I am unsure about yoga?

We will offer modifications so that you are comfortable during any stretching, breathing, and yoga practices.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive between 8:15 – 8:45 am so that you have enough time to park, and settle in. We plan to begin promptly at 9 am.

When will the retreat end?

We will wind down by 5 pm.

How many people are attending?

This retreat is limited to 25 attendees.
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